New york. We headed off to a dress fitting and into the world of my childhood dreams: the garment district. My mother taught me to sew when i was 9 or 10. She was an expert seamstress and won many 4-h awards growing up in indiana. viagra side effects nosebleed She was a taskmaster, and i’m glad. I learned the “right” way and never was allowed to be lazy. “rip it out. viagra price rs ” that was her mantra and that is what i did. It was a sound philosophy in the lines of “do it right, or don’t do it at all. ” i also benefited from the skills of my grandfather. He was a dairy farmer, but one of the ways he worked to make ends meet was as a welder. During my summer visits at the farm, i would always have a sewing project or two underway, and he advised me on economical use of material in my pattern layouts. It was just as on sheet metal for him. He had a good eye and no tolerance for waste. Geneva, a delightful neighbor lady who was my second grandmother, also would take great interest in my projects. I remember her helping me with ric-rac trim on a sundress and button holing. So on february 14, as marc and i walked from penn station to the showroom of theia designer, don o’neill, i slowed my steps. Nearly every store front we passed was filled with bolts of fabric. Yard after yard. Embellished or not. Every color and hue beyond the rainbow. It was magical. At one corner, i had to stop and take a picture. An enormous needle and button formed a piece of urban art. And then we were there … in the heart of new york’s fashion district. do you need doctor's prescription viagra With time to kill, we bought lunch. Marc presented me with a “model’s lunch”— a sample cup (the size of a child’s pain reliever dosing cup) of chili. It had one kidney bean and an oyster cracker he had carefully placed on top. We took the funniest picture of me preparing to dig into my morsel of food. Our actual lunch was delicious, and we ate outside between the bike lane and pedestrian traffic on the street. Once in the design studio, i again was transported. Very mod in design, the place was abuzz with models being fitted for o’neill’s first fashion week runway show. I tried on my dress and followed our lovely guide to what i thought was a seamstress station for someone to take up the hem. viagra pills Instead, i was led into the office of the designer himself. I thought i had died. I’d read articles and watched video on the internet, yet there he was complaining that my shoes weren’t tall enough and sitting down on the floor to pin my hem. He was a dream. viagra in canada for sale And he’s irish! (marc was beside himself talking about irish cousins, plus i’m a kelly. buy cheap viagra ) it truly was the best valentine’s day ever. generic viagra without prescription We bought half-price ti. cheap viagra cheap viagra free shipping