Home | site search | request information | contact us (775) 348-9900 the cyberknife our center conditions treated patient guide physician info location conditions treated arteriovenous malformation bone metastases brain tumors kidney tumors liver tumors lung tumors ocular / orbital tumors pancreatic cancer prostate cancer spinal tumors trigeminal neuralgia spinal tumors most spinal tumors are metastases – tumors that have spread from cancer in another part of the patient’s body, usually breast, prostate or lung cancer. viagra online canadian pharmacy What are the symptoms? viagra coupon Symptoms occur when spinal tumors compress nerves or weaken the vertebral structure. Incontinence and decreased sensation in the buttocks are considered warning signs of spinal cord compression from a tumor. niaspan viagra interactions Back pain in patients with a known malignancy may prompt a bone scan to confirm a spinal metastasis. why do insurance companies cover viagra What are the treatment options? usa generic viagra The primary goal in treating spinal metastases is pain relief and preventing neurological deterioration. viagra cost These tumors can be treated with medication, surgery, conventional radiation therapy or radiosurgery. Medication steroids can help reduce inflammation around a spinal tumor. This doesn’t affect the tumor, but reducing inflammation can decrease the overall volume of the mass pressing on the spinal cord. costo viagra farmacia svizzera Surgery for spinal tumor patients with severe spinal cord compression or a condition known as impending vertebral collapse, doctors generally recommend open surgery followed by bone repair with metal hardware, and fusion is generally indicated. buy viagra Conventional radiation therapy conventional radiation therapy is the standard treatment for painful metastases affecting the spinal column. niaspan viagra interactions It carries several disadvantages, including side effects within the healthy tissue around the tumor and a longer course of treatment compared to cyberknife radiosurgery. Certain types of metastatic tumors also respond poorly to standard radiation therapy, yet they’re well controlled with more aggressive cyberknife treatment. viagra in canada without prescription Stereotactic radiosurgery the cyberknife treats spinal tumors aggressively with high-dose radiation that doesn’t require a rigid metal frame attached to the patient’s skeleton like other radiosurgical systems. niaspan viagra interactions This is made possible by an advanced imaging system that tracks the tumor location during treatment procedures. medicina natural viagra natural For tumors in the upper neck area, the cyberknife tracks the location using the patient’s skull anatomy as a reference point. how can you buy viagra Other patients may need fiducials, small metal markers anchored to bones in the neck, back or spine, placed in.